With 30 years of experience, our products increase the efficiency and quality of the compressed air in hundreds of applications.
Here are a few reasons why our customers love RTi:

Patented Inverse-Flow Filter/Dryers

  • Cartridge-less water separation (95% of condensed water never sees media)
  • Superior water separation
  • Depth Filtration (Air penetrates 4" of filter media versus 1/8" of competitors)
  • Harsh Application Service (Worst contaminants in air stream never reach filter media. The balance only encounters bottom of media bed)

Tool-less Element Change

  • Easy clamp ring retainer for bowl removal
  • Spin-on/Spin-off elements
  • Never need to remove unit from piping for service

Finer Filtration

  • Single/First Stage (1 Micron absolute vs 5-25 Micron nominal)
  • Coalescers (99.99998% at 0.01 Micron)
  • Desiccants
    (Built in 1 Micron final filter; top grade desiccant media with low dust emissions)


Custom Engineered Products

  • Not limited to "standard" products
  • If you do not see what your customer needs, ask us.
  • We can custom engineer a product/system that will exceed
    your needs and expectations.

Product Support

  • Regional sales managers
  • Factory technical support available each business day
  • Small enough to be flexible

Fast Delivery

  • 90% of orders ship in 2-3 days if received by 1:00 pm EST